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Step into the future of business transformation with our extensive range of AI services.

From optimizing marketing strategies with AI Marketing to streamlining HR processes with AI HR, and from enhancing customer support with AI Support to revolutionizing procurement operations with AI Procurement, our solutions cover every aspect of your business.

Dive into the world of predictive analytics with AI Finance, boost sales performance with AI Sales, optimize production processes with AI Production, and streamline operations with AI Operations.

Let our AI-powered services drive efficiency, innovation, and growth across your organization.


Your go-to solution for conversational insights, workflow automation, and data-driven precision.


Efficient Summarization

Unlock 90% more time for yourself with our AI Services, offering instant summaries and answers to streamline your reading and viewing experience.

Conversational Insights

Your ultimate conversational companion, our AI Services bring advanced models together in one convenient platform, ready to provide insightful answers at your fingertips.

Workflow Automation

Simplify your workflow by automating repetitive tasks with our AI Services, making complex processes accessible and efficient like never before.

Data-driven Precision

Our innovation incorporates a layer of data retrieval from your database, enabling accurate answers based on existing company data along with external sources. Plus, our interactive chat feature lets you cross-validate questions, ensuring precision and deeper insights, making data exploration effortless and immersive.

Ai Services Modules



- Chat with AI to generate custom reports.

- Visualize data easily in BI dashboards powered by AI Recommendations.

- Get actionable insights with predictive modeling

- Interactive Q&A capabilities to help you understand key insights



- Quickly generate quotations by conversing requirements with AI, leveraging past data for accuracy.

- AI serves as a personal assistant, reminding and following up on quotation details, marking them for follow-up.

- AI tracks quotations and sales leads, ensuring efficient management and follow-up for the sales team.



- Marketing team creates detailed content and graphics with AI prompts, enhancing marketing materials.

- Users input ideas, leveraging existing references for iterative idea generation by the agent worker.

- Agent worker continuously refines and develops ideas until a complete concept is generated, streamlining the creative process.



- AI-driven support with screen reading capability for possible instant issue resolution.

- Automated capture and logging of relevant issue details, including screenshots, user information, date/time stamps, and possible root causes.

- Seamless escalation of captured information to backend support systems like Jira.



- Assess candidate suitability and generate comparative reports using AI-driven candidate analysis and scoring mechanisms.

- AI tracking of onboarding progress and scoring within the onboarding dashboard for easy monitoring and evaluation.



- AI assistance in setting and achieving OKRs, providing recommendations for success.

- Real-time visibility into OKR progress, highlighting areas of success and areas requiring attention for proactive action.



- Automate invoice and receipt processing using AI Extract, integrating directly with ERP or Accounting Software.

- Chat with AI to generate quotations, invoices, credit notes, and other documents.



- Instantly analyze complex financial reports and swiftly extract essential information for informed decision-making.

- Interactive Q&A capabilities to help you understand key insights



- AI Leads System

- AI Origination System



- Analyze contracts and extract key contract terms, facilitating thorough contract review and enabling informed decision-making.

- Interactive Q&A capabilities to help you understand key insights



- Chat with AI to generate RFP, RFQ, PO and other documents.

- Enhanced proposal comparison and evaluation with AI-enabled Q&A capability for comprehensive decision-making.


AI Personal Assistant - Rina

Experience the seamless integration and powerful support of our AI Personal Assistant, Rina, as the backbone of our interconnected modules.

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