AI Extract

Enhance your data handling with our advanced AI-driven extraction tools and effortlessly extract and manage data with our AI-powered solution.

Optimize your data management capabilities using our cutting-edge AI-driven extraction tools, which seamlessly extract, organize, and interpret data with unparalleled precision. Our AI-powered solution simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly handle and utilize your data for maximum efficiency and insights.


Optimize document processing while ensuring data accuracy effortlessly.



- Submit documents via drag & drop, batch upload, email, API, or connectors.

- Support various document formats ranging from PDF, JPG, PNG, emails, and more.


- Parsing unstructured documents such as invoices, bank statements, contracts, and more can be challenging.

- Effortlessly extract and review specific fields from complex documents, streamlining your workflow.

Error Free

- Optimize images to enhance clarity and accuracy before formatting documents, ensuring improved quality and precision.

- Utilize cutting-edge confidence-colored labeling to signify the accuracy of extracted documents.

- Employ comprehensive computation and additional recalibration of the entire document to ensure precise numerical accuracy.

Robust Connectors

Utilize robust connectors to seamlessly integrate with your preferred external systems using an Open API architecture, catering to diverse industries without limitations.

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